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Lake Region Ambulance Service started its service to the Lake Region officially in 1966. At that time, we had a single garage stall that was at the Law Enforcement Center in Devils Lake and EMS personal would respond to most calls from home. We began as a Basic Life Transport Service with CPR drivers and EMT's. In 1994, we became an Advanced Life Support Ambulance with consisting of EMT's, AEMT's, and Paramedics. We also relocated to an old bread store and had a total of 2 ambulances and a full time staff of 2 Office staff, 3 Paramedics and 3 EMT's. As our call volume and our area increased, so did our staff and a need for more ambulances and a larger facility. we relocated to our current state of the art ambulance building in November of 2017. We now have 5 ambulances and a staff of 4 Office Staff, 9 full-time and part-time paramedics and 15 full and part-time Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMTs) and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). We are ever expanding and the future will see many changes in our field of EMS and we will grow with them!

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